The most complete guide to Giola Lagoon is here!

Giola, situated close to the village of Astris in the southeastern region of the island, is a well-known natural lagoon and a highly recommended tourist spot. It is a natural pool that was formed by the erosion of the surrounding rocks by the sea.

 The pool is about 10 meters in diameter and around 3 meters deep ,it is connected to the sea through an underground channel. The lagoon is surrounded by rocky cliffs, which create a stunning natural scenery. Visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby island of Kinira. The area around the lagoon is wild and unspoiled. 

How to get there from our house:

If you wish to travel to Giola from Aquamarine Homes, it is only a 7-kilometer. As you pass through Astris area, you will come across a sign on the right, indicating your arrival at Giola. 

From there, you will need to travel down road and park your car on the private parking lot of the taverna. However, there is no fee for parking, provided you make a purchase such as water, drink or snack. Following that, you will have to walk downhill for 10 minutes to reach the site. Alternatively, you could choose to park your car on the main ring road of Thassos (near the sign "Giola") and walk around 20 minutes to reach Giola. 

But, there is one more option : You can see Giola from the sea! Take a boat trip from either Potos or Limenaria, they always stop at Giola for a swim and a break. 

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!Fun fact! : 

Giola Lagoon is that it was actually discovered by a tourist rather than a local.